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 Corporate Philosophy
KAAZ Original Creativity  
 (Succeeding on our own)
Made in Japan (Manufacturer pride) 
Masakazu Katsuya
KAAZ Corporation

I was appointed company president (July, 2006) when KAAZ Corporation’s previous president (my father) was suddenly hospitalized (June, 2006), and in the little over a year since he passed away (May, 2007), I have become keenly aware of the following: “The ultimate goal of any corporation is continuity, which could even be referred to as nothing more than the pursuit of profit. Given this, in what way should corporations be passed down to their successors in order to ensure this ultimate goal of continuity?” Naturally, I never seriously imagined that I would become company president so quickly, but now, as founding family president, I consider this to be my greatest responsibility and mission.
For the continuity of KAAZ Corporation, a fail-proof corporate philosophy and having the strength to break away from family tradition are imperative.

Corporate Philisophy  
Whenever I am face-to-face with a managerial crisis, fumbling around in complete darkness or am unsure of making the right decision, KAAZ Corporation’s corporate philosophy is my only refuge. On the other hand, the same corporate philosophy brings me back down to earth whenever things are going well or I am feeling happy and full of pride.  

“KAAZ Original Creativity”
KAAZ Corporation is a manufacturer, not a subcontractor. As such, we are always thinking about the kind of company we want to be. We think about what it is we are going to make, and we think about what it is we are going to do. As long as it’s constructive, we will try it. At KAAZ Corporation, we think about the sort of products we are going to manufacturer; we decide the prices and costs involved; and we come up with the manufacturing methods used. We also sell the products we manufacture on our own, developing our own outlets and customer base. KAAZ takes full responsibility for its products, bearing all of the risks – development, manufacturing, sales, inventory control and collection. Whether the company is successful or unsuccessful depends completely on KAAZ, and we must succeed on our own.

“Made in Japan”(Manufacturer pride)
If production is carried out overseas, costs can be instantly reduced, and it is now possible to achieve a quality comparable with that for products made in Japan. It seems that overseas production with an eye on local markets is very effective.
However, if you are swayed by the boom and aim for short-term profits by utilizing inexpensive overseas production just because it is “cheap” or “you think you might miss out because other companies are doing it too” without clinging to a real vision, you could not just lose your own technical know-how, but could also lose the identity of your company. KAAZ Corporation is highly competitive in offering products that are “Made in Japan” on every facet, including quality and cost. This is pride as a manufacturer; this is the pride of KAAZ Corporation.

Breaking Away From Family Tradition (The responsibility of a founding family)  
 There are some areas of business where corporate value is measured by history and tradition alone. There are also corporations that possess ample resources, allowing them to develop their own family doctrine.
Nonetheless, history, tradition and lineage do not hold any meaning or value for KAAZ Corporation.
Even if a company is established and run by a single family, the company’s fortune can also be wasted by that family. The obsession with family-run businesses has therefore lost sight of its intended purpose, and there are countless examples of both the managing family and its employees plummeting into the depths of despair.
We need to preserve the company itself – not the family running the company. It is my mission to see that this continues. As such, I believe it is my responsibility and duty as a founding family member to built a framework, strengthen finances, cultivate human resources and develop a corporate culture that can be handed down through the generations – the creation of “the KAAZ Corporation spirit.”
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